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4 Harvey, P.W.: Professor of Medicine at Georgetown University School of Medicine and former Director of the Division of Cardiology. He is known worldwide for his teaching skills.

Francis Andries :  Professional Activities

Designed specifications for Electronic Stethoscope System for NASA Space Station Freedom Health Maintenance Facility (HMF).

Designed and built Prototype Heart House Learning Chair for the American College of Cardiology. Sixty-Nine Learning Center Chairs were built and installed with this design.  It was featured on the front cover of Design Magazine.  The Center built in Bethesda, Maryland, is part of the American College of Cardiology’s Heart House.

1964 Patent # 3,160,708 Electronic Stethoscope
1974 Patent # 3,790,712 Electronic Stethoscope System
1980 Design Patent Heart House Chair
1991 Patent # 4,991,581 Acoustic Processing Apparatus
2002 Patent pending Auscultation System

Other Professional Activities:
Author Book, Auscultation of the Heart Level One.
Contributor to the Book, Managing Take-Off In Fast Growth Companies, Smilor-Kuhn editors, Praeger.
Staff member ACCP 1977-1982, Board Review (auscultation)
Keynote speaker, 1985 University of Texas Entrepreneurial Association.
Author/Speaker, NTC  Cardiovascular Sound and Telecommunications.
Co-author 1982, “Acoustical Performance of the Stethoscope,” American Heart Journal.
Co-Chairman 1984, State of Texas, Small Business High Technology Institute
Nominated Entrepreneur Of The Year, 1987.
Co-Author/Producer, 55- minute audio and video program The Essentials of Auscultation  presented on Physicians Update, Life Line Television
Directed/Produced Self- Assessment Lung Sounds, ACCP
Directed/Produced Self-Assessment Heart Auscultation for the American College of Cardiology’s annual scientific session 1973-1978.
Directed and Produced 15 video programs for Merck & Co. for the American College of Cardiology
Produced 120,000 audio auscultation tapes for Merck  & Co.


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“aPad” Designed By Francis Andries and Paul Andries


Dedicated To All My Mentors Who are My Wife, My Children, My Friends, My Colleagues and All the Authors of Books I Have Read

Thanks to W. Procter Harvey, M.D. and Morton Tavel, M.D. for the supplement to my collection of heart sounds that helped round out the samples in this book and close colleagues for over 35 years.  Also a special thanks to Ralph Snyder, M.D. deceased, for his directions and support through the years.

My medical editors, who spent many hours reading the dialog and then listening to all the heart sounds, cannot be thanked enough.  Their encouragement is also gratefully appreciated and they are: Robert A. O’Rourke, M.D., Joe Mark Moody, M.D., Steve Bailey, M.D., Ross Lawler M.D., Terry Bauch, M.D at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio.

Special thanks to my editors who consulted, read, edited the concept and encouraged me; my wife, a super writer, Karin Ireland, my daughters Karen Lumpe, Kathy Davis, and Beth Andries. A very special thanks to my son Paul Andries who worked very patiently with me through these many months, who set up the many formats in the computer that enabled me to present the heart sounds, and is the co-designer of the aPad (stethoscope pad).  To all my children, I thank you for your love, your good hearts, your encouragement, and patience.  Francis Andries