Auscultation of the Heart

Our online training includes 42 high definition recordings along with written and graphical descriptions:

  • Normal Heart Sounds
  • Abnormal S1 and S2
  • S3, S4 and Pericardial Knock
  • Abnormal Valve Opening
  • Ejection Flow Murmurs
  • Stenotic Flow Murmurs
  • Retrograde Flow Murmurs
  • Peripheral Murmurs, Bruits
  • Hums

Our aPad is a clever device used to connect

your stethoscope to your computer, iPhone

or other devices with a 1/8-Inch Stereo Phone Plug.

Simply attach your stethoscope onto the aPad to

hear high definition heart sounds.  Several aPads

can be linked together for group training sessions.

We offer an aPad and access to our online training for

the one time cost of $85:

  • Subscription to our online training
  • One aPad (stethoscope not included)

Most clinicians finish the course in a couple of hours. We are so confident in our ability to teach auscultation that we offer a 1 month money back guarantee. 

Contact Us if you would to join our continuing education community.