Auscultation Study without diagnosis (Click hear to view with diagnosis)

Tk# SystoleDiastoleClick Image to Open Track
1S1 S2
2S1 Split S2
3S1 S2
6S1Fx Split S2
7S1, ES Fx Split S2
8S1, SM S2, S3
9S1S2, S3
10S1S2, S4
11S1S2, K
12S1, ESS2
13S1, ES, SMS2
14S1 S2, OS
15Split S1, CS2
16S1, C1, C2S2
17S1, SMS2
18S1, SMS2, S3
19S1, SMFx Split S2
20S1, SMS2, DM
21S1, SMS2, DM
22S1, ES, SMS2
23S1, SMS2
24S1, ES, SMFx Split S2
25S1 S2, OS, DM
26S1, SMS2
27S1, SMS2
28S1, SMSplit S2
29S1, SMS2
S1, SM
S1, SM
S2, DM
S1, C
33S1, CAMS2
34S1, CAMS2
35S1, CS2
36S1, ESS2, DM
37Split S1S2, S3
38S1, SMSplit S2
39S4, S1S2
40S1S2, OS, DM
41S1, SMS2, S3, DM
42S1, C, SMS2