Tk# SystoleDiastoleClick Image to Open Track Area BPM General Diagnosis
1S1 S2 Aortic 60 Normal at the Aortic Area
2S1 Split S2 Pulmonic 76 Normal w/ Functional Split S2 at inspiration
3S1 S2 Tricuspid 60 Normal at Tricuspid Area
4S1S2 Mitral 60 Normal at the Mitral Area
5S1S2 Aortic 154 Normal 3 mo old baby
6S1Fx Split S2 Pulmonic 53

Fixed S2 of Right Bundle Branch Block        

7S1, ES Fx Split S2 Pulmonic 81

ES Fixed Split S2 of pulmonary hypertension

8S1, SM S2, S3 Pulmonic 80 Innocent Systolic Murmur w/ S3
9S1S2, S3 Mitral 105 S3 of congestive heart failure
10S1S2, S4 Mitral 58

S4 Atrial diastolic gallop .06s leading S1

11S1S2, K Mitral 105

Pericardial knock of constricted pericarditis

12S1, ESS2 Tricuspid 58 ES of Pulmonic Stenosis
13S1, ES, SMS2 Aortic 69

ES & SM of Mild Aortic Stenosis

14S1 S2, OS Mitral 79 OS of Mitral Stenosis
15Split S1, CS2 Mitral 67 Single Click of Mitral Valve Prolapse
16S1, C1, C2S2 Mitral 57

2 Click’s of  Mitral Valve Prolapse

17S1, SMS2 Pulmonic 68 Innocent Systolic Murmur
18S1, SMS2, S3 Aortic 75 Innocent Systolic Murmur w/ S3
19S1, SMFx Split S2 Pulmonic 63 SM w/ Fixed Split S / 2
20S1, SMS2, DM Aortic 65 SM & DM of chronic severe MR
21S1, SMS2, DM Mitral 48

SM & DM of Mitral Regurgitation

22S1, ES, SMS2 Aortic 60 ES & SM  of Mild Aortic Stenosis
23S1, SMS2 Aortic 64 SM of Severe Aortic Stenosis
24S1, ES, SMFx Split S2 Pulmonic 78

ES & SM w/ Fixed Split S2 of PS

25S1 S2, OS, DM Mitral 78 OS w/ DM of Mitral Stenosis
26S1, SMS2 Mitral 58 SM (effect of squat on) SM of HC
27S1, SMS2 Aortic 89 Porcine Aortic Valve
28S1, SMSplit S2 Pulmonic 71 SM Fixed Split S2 of VSD
29S1, SMS2 Mitral 90 Systolic Murmur of Mitral Regurgitation
30S1, SMS2 Pulmonic 72 Systolic Murmur of Ventricular Septal Defect
31 S1, SM S2, DM Aortic 54 Systolic Murmur & Diastolic Murmur of AR
32 S1, C S2 Mitral 73 Fixed Split S 1 w/ single C & SM of MVP-MR
33 S1, CAM S2 RCA 71 Cervical Bruit Benign
34S1, CAMS2 LCA 57

Peripheral Arterial Murmur

35S1, CS2 Mitral 100 Late Click of Mitral Valve Prolapse
36S1, ESS2, DM Pulmonic 60 Ejection Sound and DM of AR
37Split S1S2, S3 Pulmonic 90 Fixed Split S1 with physiologic S3
38S1, SMSplit S2 Pulmonic 86 SM with split S2 with inspiration of ISM
39S4, S1S2 Aortic 69 S4 of Ischemic Heart
40S1S2, OS, DM Aortic 94 Opening Sound of mild Mitral Stenosis
41S1, SMS2, S3, DM Mitral 61

SM w/ S3 of Chronic Mitral Regurgitation

42S1, C, SMS2 Mitral 57 Mid-systolic click & SM of MVP w/Mild MR

Auscultation Study with diagnosis (Click hear to view without diagnosis)