Francis Andries (1929 - 2014) had more than 40 years of experience in the field of auscultation. He spent many years working closely with cardiologists developing teaching programs in auscultation. He designed specifications for an Electronic Stethoscope System and the Andries Electronic Stethoscope. Both of these instruments help NASA study the effects of Space Adaptation Syndrome.  

Francis Andries also designed and built the prototype Heart House Learning Chair (a console equipped with a 5-channel TV monitor, multiple choice response system and headphones for auscultation) for the American College of Cardiology in Bethesda, MD; he designed and installed the first Teaching Classrooms for Auscultation at Mayo Clinic (and now used in many medical schools). The Classroom was used as an example of the Mayo Clinic’s legacy of teaching in Alistair Cook’s TV documentary, America. 

Paul Andries brings more than 20 years of experience in the field of auscultation. He has designed electro-acoustical instruments and managed development of projects for NASA involving real-time transmission of physiological body sounds from space station to mission control. He managed a product line and engineering team on the design of acoustic research and medical training equipment. Products included an electronic stethoscope used aboard NASA space shuttle missions researching space adaptation syndrome.           

Paul Andries also conducted clinical studies evaluating equipment performance during the diagnostic procedure of auscultation and conducted a clinical study, which developed adatabase for use in diagnosing joint dysfunctions.Type your paragraph here.